The pictures on this website are from two 250LC's and one 350LC, the 250LC's are brand new machines that have never been registered for road use. The 350LC is a very low miles machine that as far as the current owner is aware has never been restored. As the history of these three bikes is well know and can be verified by there current owners I consider that these bikes represent the most accurate method of attempting to identify how your bike SHOULD\MAY have looked when first built.

As I get more pictures I will add them to this site, it is generally believed that through the production run some bolt finishes and styles may be different as they may have been sourced from different suppliers in Japan. Likewise there are varying shades of the olive passivate finish on some parts varying from green to black.

I make NO claim that these pictures are definitive answer to how your bike did\should look or was built originally, only that these represent the finish, type and style of the parts used on these three bikes.


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